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Cornfield Kol Kol ring sling – review, features and usage

Having used a Soul ring sling for a few months now (read review here), I really wanted to try Kol Kol, another Indian brand I’ve been following for a while.
We got this bright and shiny Cornfield ring sling as part of the Kol Kol travel program.
On first look, I absolutely loved the black rings – looks far more stylish and much less industrial.
The fabric is 100% cotton and feels very good and is gentle against the skin.
I’ve decided that I love the hybrid shoulder – It easy to spread the fabric and to thread the sling.

Baby playing with his first Kol Kol ring sling
Love the black rings in this Kol Kol ring sling

We used this throughout the week.. on our not-so regular walks at the Texas trails and the Allen USA celebration. We’re pleasantly happy that baby and me did not overheat even under the summer sun!
Wherever we went, we got some sweet smiles thanks to little miss sunshine.
I think ring Slings are super convenient and easy to use – especially for newborn babies. But on prolonged use, the back hurts to some extent so I would use them only for shorter duration.
Starting at $25 and with worldwide delivery, check out the wide selection of Kol Kol baby carriers here.
What do you think of ring slings? Have you tried one on?
I received this ring sling to review as part of the Kol Kol travel program but have in no way be compensated. The views are completely my own. 

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